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Why successful, wealthy, single gentlemen invest in working with a top European matchmaker?

trea tijmens european matchmaker him matchmaking
When people hear that as a top European matchmaker I find life partners for high net worth, successful gentlemen, sometimes they act surprised and say...
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How to make your relationship thrive and last, after your matchmaker has found you your partner.

5 steps to take your marriage from good to great
So we introduced you to your partner and you are in a relationship and happy! This is wonderful! Now, how can you ensure your relationship thrives and...
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Top 6 Dating Tips for Widowers wishing to find a new partner from top Matchmaker Trea Tijmens

I was recently approached by a widower who was interested in my HIM exclusive matchmaking service to find a new partner. The gentleman was in his late...
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Why Top Matchmakers come to NY; 3 brilliant benefits

global matchmakers 2015
I recently came back from New York and the annual International Matchmaker Conference organized by the Matchmaking Institute .  I admit that...
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This Year Make Love a Priority; contact HIM Exclusive Matchmaking

Are you like many of my HIM exclusive matchmaking clients? enjoying the fruits of your hard work and success? You have achieved a fantastic quality of...
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